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Ideal for toolmakers, machinists and mechanics. Front has machine screw size tap drill chart for recommended 75 percent depth thread. Back has decimal equivalents table. Covers National Fine, National Coarse, American Standard Pipe, and metric threads. Convenient 6-inch rule on bottom. Stainless steel.
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item # 6800-1160
An ideal choice for taking a variety of precise measurements. Narrow 6 x 1/4 inch depth rule slips easily into small holes and slots. Rule has locking spring tension nut and doubles as protractor arm to take angle measurements, set bevels and transfer angles. Protractor permanently etched with…
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item # 6800-1205
Stainless steel tool provides five separate functions:* Drill point gage used to check 59-degree angle points* Bevel protractor used for measuring and laying out angles * Center finder locates shaft or circle centers* Circle divider (up to nine equal parts) used for dividing circles into sectors,…
item # 6800-0075
Ideal for inspecting hard to reach or see areas in vehicles, industrial equipment or factories. Unit has a flexible probe, image flip capability and video zoom. Kit consists of video inspection system, flex probe and tip accessories (thread protector, magnetic pickup, pickup hook, 45-degree…
item # 6800-0803
Use mirror to inspect small objects in out of reach or obstructed areas. For example, check the bottom end of a motor for leaks, or to read serial number on the back of an industrial air conditioner. Double ball joint neck for limitless angle adjustments. Exclusive Versa-Grip handle for comfort and…
item # 6800-0750
Precision made with etched fine black graduations for easy reading and long life. Satin chrome finish.
$6.50 - $16.65
Gages help to quickly and accurately identify drill bit sizes. They also are extremely useful with older, unmarked bits or ones too small for markings. Each heat treated, heavy steel gage is machined to close tolerances for spot-on accuracy. Hole sizes and decimal equivalents permanently etched in…
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$12.70 - $13.05
Trammels accurately measure and mark distances that are too great for conventional compasses and dividers. Accurately transfer measurements, scribe arcs and lay out circles. Features:* Points can be replaced with pencils, ballpoint pens, crayons or soapstone sticks for marking various materials*…
item # 6800-0010
Ultratest rules are manufactured by a special process to meet or exceed federal specification GGG-R-791f for accuracy. Ultra-fine black graduations against hard satin chrome finish for easy reading and long life. Includes plastic sleeve.
$14.75 - $16.20
Precision made with etched fine black graduations for easy reading and long life. Polished stainless steel finish.
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$1.75 - $3.85
See hard-to-reach places in plain view with 8mm camera connected to minimally invasive, flexible 3.3-foot probe. Connect wirelessly to your smartphone with camera's built-in Wi-Fi hotspot. If conditions are less than ideal, you can use yourr phone as a second view screen. The free ToolSmart app…
item # 6800-1225
Preferred by machinists, draftsmen and mechanics for setting bevels and measuring and transferring angles. Permanently etched graduations from 0 to 180 degrees in opposite directions. Adjustable protractor arm locks into desired position with knurled thumb nut. Ground stainless steel for optimum accuracy.
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item # 6800-1200
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