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Ideal for examining interiors of water and sewer pipe and HVAC ducts. Especially designed for use in 2-, 4- and 6-inch ID pipes with included centering accessories. Features:* 6-foot (22-meter) probe has 1.1-inch (28 mm) diameter camera head* Eight super bright white LEDs give superior resolution…
item # 6800-0799
Ideal for inspecting hard to reach or see areas in vehicles, industrial equipment or factories. Unit has a flexible probe, image flip capability and video zoom. Kit consists of video inspection system, flex probe and tip accessories (thread protector, magnetic pickup, pickup hook, 45-degree…
item # 6800-0803
SeaScope is the first and only video inspection system with an IP67 rated waterproof grip, monitor and probe. Available as non-recording (DCS600) or recording (DCS660). Ideal for plumbing related tasks, such as inspecting submerged structures and basements, or pipes carrying water. Also inspect…
$170.00 - $256.00
Ideal for visually inspecting and documenting hard to reach or see areas of a factory, system, equipment or vehicle. Record findings as still images or video with voiceover. Ruggedized for industrial and automotive use. Kit consists of video inspection unit; flexible probe and tip accessories…
item # 6800-0804
A durable, complete system that combines hand-held VGA resolution recording video borescope console with flexible obedient QVGA resolution probe. Unit records VGA or QVGA resolution video clips and still images using familiar menu-driven user interface. Saved video and photo files incorporate…
item # 6800-0807
Compact Borescope system ideal for automotive, plumbing, construction, restoration, HVAC/R and any other application requiring inspection of hard to reach or visually inaccessible areas. Record still images or video for later inspection, or watch in real time. You can even stream live anywhere over…
$298.95 - $426.95
See hard-to-reach places in plain view with 8mm camera connected to minimally invasive, flexible 3.3-foot probe. Connect wirelessly to your smartphone with camera's built-in Wi-Fi hotspot. If conditions are less than ideal, you can use yourr phone as a second view screen. The free ToolSmart app…
item # 6800-1225
Borescope system features ultra-slim 5.5-millimeter (0.2-inch) diameter probe, 3.5-inch color monitor and power capability to rapidly record sound, image and video. Operate borescope anywhere without cable; wireless imaging can be sent to a larger screen up to 150 feet away for team-based analysis.…
item # 6800-0810
Make high quality video inspections of hard to reach or see areas or equipment. No Internet connection needed, as iBorescope 2 generates Wi-Fi hotspot to transmit wirelessly to device with unit's free companion app. After downloading from iTunes App Store or Google Play Store, compatible devices…
item # 6800-0808
General's iBorescope generates its own Wi-Fi hot spot and transmits wireless real-time video capture and display to the iPhone and iPad platforms. It's ideal for making high quality video inspections of hard to reach or see areas or equipment. By using the compatible app (from iTunes App Store),…
item # 6800-0798
One of a kind, easy to use, wireless video receiver sends and displays images and video transmitted by General DCS100 and DCS400 video inspection systems on a computer up to 30 fight away. Also handles streams video live to anywhere in the world through the Internet! Stable, durable unit provides…
item # 6800-0778
The Palmscope is more than just the smallest full featured video inspection system available today. It's also built to survive in the harsh plumbing and automotive repair and maintenance environments, not to mention situations a do-it-yourselfer might encounter. Waterproof, long, thin camera tipped…
item # 6800-0806
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