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Minicool uses the venturi principle to spray air and liquid mixture. It consists of control valve, spray unit, air and siphon lines, and powerful on/off Popeye magnet. Magnet has V-form base so it can be mounted on non-flat surfaces. Additional features are separate on/off air and fluid controls,…
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item # 1205-0435
Holds all Noga S-series blades. Blade is replaceable. Includes S-10 blades (E100).
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item # 1205-0125
Ideal for use with Noga Cobra drop ejector coolant system. Base activated with simple turn of on/off switch. Pinpoint adjustment. Strong magnet clings firmly to ferrous metal surfaces and can be placed in various positions. V-shape base attaches to non-flat surfaces.
item # 1205-0452
* Unique single-direction fine adjustment at base* Powerful on/off magnetic base* Unique central locking mechanism with Noga-designed spring loaded bearing* Five axis holder* Instant fixation in any position* Easy setup of required positions* Black finished arms
item # 1205-0422
* Improved single direction fine adjustment at base* Powerful on/off magnetic base* Universal swivel clamp for all dial and test indicators* Strong arm lock by using the unique three-point system* Easy to set up gages into required position* Nickel plated arms
item # 1205-0440
Consists of one NG-1 handle that holds all Noga S series blades and ten S-10 blades (E100).
item # 1205-0364
Suitable for coarse to extra fine deburring operations, and capable of holding all heavy-duty S-blades (E-blades). Blades mounted directly on handle, with extra blades stored within. Quick blade change by pressing safety button. Includes NB handle and S blades.
$8.50 - $10.90
* Powerful on/off magnetic base* Improved single direction fine adjustment on base* Universal swivel clamp for all dial and test indicators* Strong arm lock uses unique three-point system* Easy setup of gages in required positions* Nickel plated arms
item # 1205-0445
Consists of manifold and Noga Loc-Line flexible hose with nozzle on top and valve on bottom. Assembly attached to powerful popeye magnet with on/off. Attached plug can be replaced by second Loc-Line hose. Includes three nozzle sizes.
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item # 1205-0437
Consists of one NG-2 handle that holds all Noga N series blades and ten N-1 blades (B10).
item # 1205-0370
For removing chips and cleaning chip trays on machines. Black finished steel hooks. The 5-inch special guard protects the hand. NogaGrip handle designed for maximum comfort. Also can be used with Noga chip shovel (order no. 1205-0390).
$20.00 - $22.00
For use with Noga Minicool coolant system. Spray line has sturdy, flexible hose with brass fittings. Nozzle nut is knurled brass.
$3.00 - $25.00
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