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    The standard for countersinking. Useful to chamfer deep holes. Telescopes from 6 to 80 mm (0.2 to 3.1 inches). Can be locked into any position. Includes C holder, Uni-handle and 20 mm countersink.
    item # 1205-0235
    Suitable for coarse to extra fine deburring operations, and capable of holding all heavy-duty S-blades (E-blades). Blades mounted directly on handle, with extra blades stored within. Quick blade change by pressing safety button. Includes NB handle and S blades.
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    $8.50 - $10.90
    Consists of one NG-2 handle that holds all Noga N series blades and ten N-1 blades (B10).
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    item # 1205-0370
    Consists of Uni-handle, SN-holder and N1 and N2 blades. Double end blade holder uses Noga N and S blades. Telescopes from 20 to 110 mm (0.8 to 4.3 inches) with N blades, and 20 to 94 mm (0.8 to 3.7 inches) with S blades.
    item # 1205-0075
    For deburring, cleaning, finishing and countersinking. Ideal for maintenance staff. Consists of short RB hex 12 mm aluminum handle; OR (O-ring grooves blade); RD 16.5 (RotoDrive countersink); RDE 18 (external RotoDrive countersink); TC (thread cleaner blade); S100 blade (for steel); and S150 blade…
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    item # 1205-0340
    For fast, easy removal of burrs from straight and curved edges and cross and deep holes. A comprehensive program to cover all heavy duty deburring needs. High speed steel hardened to 62-64 Rc, except Model S100 cobalt, which is 65-67 Rc.
    $2.40 - $3.75
    SG handle comes with 11 each of N10 and S100 blades (10 of each blade type in box, plus one of each inside the handle).
    item # 1205-0345
    For deburring, scraping and countersinking. Consists of RB handle;S20, S100 and S150 blades; RD16.5 RotoDrive countersink; RDE18 external RotoDrive countersink; and D50 modified mini scraper blade.
    item # 1205-0386
    For cross hole deburring. Includes Uni-handle, D-holder and internal scraper D66.
    item # 1205-0275
    Heavy duty scraper is double ended to extend tool life. Hollow ground. Can be locked in required position. Includes Uni-handle and T120 triangular scraper.
    item # 1205-0140
    Enables user to chamfer regular and deep holes. Continual rotation for fast, accurate chamfering. If a hole is drilled into workpiece, usually a rough edge will appear around the top. Countersinks can remove these rough ridges and put chamfer between the hole and surface. High speed steel hardened…
    $11.50 - $23.75
    High speed steel hardened to 62-64 Rc. Fits Noga RotoDrive countersink hand tools.
    item # 1205-0290
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