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    Locate work surfaces easily, quickly and accurately. Work with flat straight edges, shoulders, grooves, round work, studs, dowels or center points and scribed lines. Includes protective case.
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    $26.00 - $27.50
    Ideal when work is held securely, and blade is not subjected to bending and twisting stresses. Blades hold edge when cutting hard to machine alloys and maintain straightness. Uniformly hardened molybdenum.
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    $12.90 - $40.40
    Recommended for mechanics, automotive service and machine shops, tool rooms, inspection departments and wherever gaging involves a wide range of measurements. Mics feature ratchet stops and lock nut. All sets come with standards and protective cases that keep everything together and readily accessible.
    $607.00 - $4022.00
    Forged and hardened. Square and center have smooth black enamel finish; protractor with satin chrome finish.
    $71.00 - $125.00
    Satin chrome finish.
    $52.00 - $354.00
    Made from specially selected tool steel. Hardened and highly polished. Knurled finger grip. Punch size stamped on head.
    item # 6525-0045
    * Large, easy to read (.275 inch/7mm), high-contrast LCD digital readout* IP67 level of protection against coolant, water, dust and dirt* Starrett no glare satin chrome finish on thimble and sleeve * Friction thimble, carbide faces and spindle lock* Balanced, tapered frame for comfortable and…
    $200.00 - $269.00
    Graduated and ground vials in all models. All levels except 4-inch have cross test vial. With cross test, level simultaneously in both directions and prevent inaccuracies in main vial reading from canting the level sideways on round work. The 12-inch model has a plumb vial; 18 inch size has double…
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    $111.00 - $380.00
    Use with all dial indicators. Snug can be rotated 360 degrees and locked into any position with knurled thumbscrew. Push-button on/off switch. Black wrinkle finish on non-work surfaces. Sleeve attaches Series 196 test indicator to 1/4-inch diameter gage rod.
    $273.00 - $328.00
    Use to lay out wood and metal patterns and core boxes for casting metals. Spring tempered steel and satin chrome finish. Graduated to give shrink allowances directly.
    item # 1240-2030
    * Easy to read, well balanced thimble diameter with distinct figures* Sleeve design with staggered lines assures precise, easy readability* Satin chrome finish; no glare and rust resistant* Micro-lapped finish on spindle face* One-piece extra rigid spindle* Hardened threads* Quick reading figures,…
    $229.00 - $237.00
    One of the most versatile available. A rugged tool with few moving parts. Over the years it has been improved by methods and materials, but the basic design is unchanged. Simple to operate, smooth in operation, accurate, reliable and inexpensive. Kit contains three contact points, adapter for…
    item # 1240-1055
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