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    Superior Abrasives

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    Aggressive stock removal with highest heat dissipation. Great for high pressure applications or where heat buildup and discoloration are issues.
    $0.36 - $0.90
    Unique wheel is smooth running and fast cutting. Produces a fine, uniform finish throughout its life. Designed for use in tight areas and other intricate forms and shapes. Recommended for use on steel, stainless, nonferrous metals, cast iron, plastic, rubber or wood.
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    $3.68 - $4.15
    Discs offer all benefits of Superior's regular ceramic products, but with added strength of triple-ply technology. Discs are stiffer and more durable, standing up to the heaviest burr in the most demanding application.
    $0.83 - $1.33
    Most effective for polishing, flash and machine tool mark removal, and edge breaking. Rolls reach into corners where larger diameter tools can't. Resin bond aluminum oxide. Half glued is standard.
    $0.28 - $0.67
    Use to deburr holes and polish corners and radii.
    $0.43 - $0.72
    Fast deburring, cleaning and polishing of interior diameters of round cylinders, tubes and hydraulic fittings. Self-centering polishers have spring action design to automatically adjust to inside diameter's entire wall on every pass. Equal spacing between abrasive packs assures perfect balance and…
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    $3.89 - $15.86
    Spiralcool pads designed to prevent discs from locking up on pad. Fits portable sanders with a 5/8-11 thread. Disc pad nut (order no. 5316-1120) and spanner wrench (no. 5316-1125) also available.
    $18.25 - $32.50
    Twist-on, twist-off metal locking device for deburring, finishing and polishing. Consists of five each quick change discs in 36, 60, 80 and 120 grit; five each surface conditioning discs in coarse, medium and very fine; and one holder with 1/4-inch shank.
    item # 5235-0805
    Interchangeable with 3M Roloc discs and holders. With 1/4-inch shank.
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    $4.99 - $16.95
    Designed for heavy duty stripping and cleaning of rust, oxides, paints and weld conditioning. Works much faster than wire brushes.
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    $4.41 - $8.35
    Backing designed specifically for short belts used on hand-held narrow belt sanders. Premium aluminum oxide material has exceptional grain retention for consistent buffing, polishing, finishing and light deburring operations.
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    $2.63 - $3.57
    Silicon carbide discs can be ganged on mandrel or spindle to form a wheel or used individually. They handle tough cleaning and stripping jobs on rust, coatings and surface contaminants; clean weld seams, concrete moldings and forms; and help with general plant maintenance.
    $6.04 - $13.13
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