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    Tiger cut-off wheels are reinforced with fiberglass webbing to provide stability. Formulated with resin bond for fast, high quality dry cutting. Grain types are as follows: A, aluminum oxide, for all metals except titanium; C, silicon carbide, for nonmetals and titanium; and TA, treated aluminum…
    $0.85 - $10.87
    For cut-off and unitized wheels. Stem for 1/4-inch Type 1 wheels.
    $6.35 - $10.87
    A24R aluminum oxide offers longer life than softer wheel grades. Ideal for all general purpose grinding on structural steel or in foundries or heavy fabrication applications.
    $1.69 - $6.20
    Heavy duty brushing action with some flexibility. Ideal for demanding cleaning applications on somewhat irregular surfaces. Use for rust removal, scale, weld splatter, oxidation, rubber or plastic flash, heavy burr removal and weld cleaning, plus surface conditioning and roughening.
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    $19.76 - $75.37
    For use on straight grinders and stationary machines, such as bench or pedestal grinders and buffing lathes. Weiler solid ring construction. Applications include removing rust and light corrosion; paint removal and surface cleaning; decorative finishing; removing heat discoloration; and light deburring.
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    $15.40 - $163.61
    Use on 4-1/2 and 5-inch angle grinders with 5/8-11 threaded arbors. One each of the following:* 4-1/2 inch zirconium grain, 60-grit abrasive flap disc, for grinding and finishing in one step* 2-3/4 inch knot wire cup brush (.020 steel wire), for cleaning large surface areas* 4-inch stringer bead…
    item # 6622-4000
    Common applications are cleaning dirt, rust, scale, chips and paint, as well as for plating and welding.
    item # 6622-3035
    For replacement of tip on Weiler broom handles (order no. 6622-0325, 6622-0330).
    item # 6622-2450
    High performance zirconium handles hard to grind materials such as stainless and tool steel. Lasts two to three times longer than conventional discs.
    ON SALE $1.75 - $4.45
    Used most effectively for manual or hand cleaning. Single continuous length of galvanized steel stem wire with formed eye loop for convenient hand use. Single spiral for easy manual insertion into ID.
    $3.61 - $5.12
    Designed specifically for heavy duty applications requiring maximum aggression, such as cleaning large metal surfaces, paint and rust removal, cleaning scale and corrosion, weld cleaning and deburring. Steel band design controls brush face flaring, providing high impact action and long life. Once…
    $18.55 - $27.77
    Brush features single continuous length of stainless steel stem wire and a single crimped wire spiral fill for more flexible brushing action. Use on smooth or threaded blind holes.
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    $3.68 - $5.12
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