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Air Tool Attachments

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When you need to edge light sheet metal without stretch or distortion, use this tool and elminate much of the touch-up grinding necessary with other trimmers. Not designed to be panel cutter. Exclusive Oldforge Curl-Cut edge.
item # 6913-0110
For use with heavy duty chipping hammer (order no. 3072-8642). Wide variety of styles for a wide variety of tasks. Forged steel with .680-inch shank diameters.
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$29.15 - $57.00
Extra files for Universal Tool hand air file model UT-8862.
Converts chisel into panel crimper.
item # 3081-9075
Fits .401 shank.
Removes gaskets, rust, paint and floor tile.
item # 6913-0140
Fits on air hammer. Simple adjustment produces consistent holes from 1/32 to 7/32 inch.
item # 3080-5000
For .401 shanks. Threads to end of gun.
item # 3080-9038
Tough as its name, Body Ripper is a favorite with body service technicians. It cuts a clean, short radius, virtually eliminating added work of edging and welding. With exclusive Oldforge Curl-Cut edge.
item # 6913-0100
Tool leaves clean, smooth edge with cut curling up through slot in the middle. Both cutting surfaces have exclusive Oldforge Curl-Cut.
item # 6913-0105
Ideal for cutting spot welds. Also works very well for cutting molding and rivets. With .401 shank.
item # 6913-0115
Designed to separate telescoped tubing without damage to inner section. Exclusive Oldforge Curl-Cut edge.
item # 6913-0120
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