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    Angle Plates & Tables

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    Manually operated tables are widely used for circular cutting, angle setting, boring, and spot facing with a milling machine. Tables offer excellent performance, practical design and low cost. Other features:* Fully ground finish* Hand finished critical wear points for ultra precision* Very smooth…
    $129.00 - $479.00
    Consists of:* Horizontal/vertical rotary table with 2MT bore* One set of three dividing plates* One adjustable tailstock* Crank handle* One each sector and sector spring* Four T-slot bolts and flange nuts* One pair step blocks* One pair serrated end clamps Note: This item's weight exceeds the UPS…
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    item # 1990-0005
    Precision machined low silhouette table rotates 360 degrees with graduated dial and locks into any position. Base has 1-1/8 inch long bolt for mounting.
    item # 2113-0005
    High tensile cast iron seasoned against distortion. Ground square and parallel on flat surfaces. Inside surfaces painted gray. Note on Order Nos. 2128-0020 and 2128-0022: This item's weight exceeds the UPS shipping standard; therefore there will be UPS surcharges added to the estimate you have…
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    $12.00 - $107.00
    Precision machined, ground construction and dovetailed ways. Dials graduated English .001 inch per revolution. Note: This item's weight exceeds the UPS shipping standard; therefore there will be UPS surcharges added to the estimate you have received. Expect a follow-up call and/or email from us…
    item # 2113-0035
    Manufactured from high grade cast iron, fully stress relieved to provide stability for life. V-angle has many more clamping positions than ordinary plate. Design enables secure clamping of almost any shape and use of all types of clamps.
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    item # 2127-0010
    For use with rotary tables, super spacers and other machining applications.
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    $119.00 - $139.00
    Designed for milling, boring and many other machining operations. Can be tilted to any position from 0 to 90 degrees. Vernier reading of 10 seconds for indexing and 2-degree Vernier graduation for tilting. Note: Due to this product's weight, shape, size or special handling requirement, it can be…
    item # 1990-0100
    Precision ground steel with hardened and ground rolls accurate to .0002 inch. With 0- to 60-degree settings possible. Includes support arms.
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    item # 2121-0005
    Heavy machined casting. Range of 50 degrees each way from vertical. Clamping screws on each end and three T-slots. Calibrated on each end. Shipping Notes on Order Nos. 2114-0005, 2114-0010: This item's weight exceeds the UPS shipping standard; therefore there will be UPS surcharges added to the…
    $89.00 - $249.00
    Manufactured from graded, precision ground cast iron. Hardened and ground worm gear. Full 360-degree graduated work table. Brass lock knob. Gear ratio is 36:1.
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    $109.00 - $119.00
    High quality, fine grained, stress relieved cast iron. Four faces and ends machined square and parallel within .002 per 6 inches. Clamping slots for easy workpiece mounting. Shipping Notes on Order Nos. 1701-0790, 1701-0795, 1701-0800: This item's weight exceeds the UPS shipping standard; therefore…
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    $118.00 - $492.50
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