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    Coolant Systems

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    * Efficient flow control to deliver air or liquid coolant where needed* Great for EDM flushing* Extends tool life with precise coolant delivery* Clears chips from work for easier visual inspection* Quickly transfers to other machines* Control valve allows convenient adjustment of air or coolant…
    $42.25 - $44.80
    Designed to accurately direct small liquid quantities to specfic targets. Air actuated piston shoots drops through flexible hose onto target. Shots can be automatically or manually timed. User also can adjust liquid quantity by turning screw on the back. Cobra operates on clean air pressure of 3 to…
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    item # 1205-0460
    Adjustable, stays in place, precise aiming. Interchangeable nozzles.
    item # 6332-0030
    Hose and connectors made of durable Delrin with polypropylene nozzles. Components snap tight and stay put. Designed for standard air pressures found in shops everywhere. Use with air, liquid or vacuum. Set contains hose assembly, three nozzles and two connectors.
    item # 6639-0145
    Features:* Snaps tight and stays put* Adjustable length* Interchangeable components* Unrestricted flow* No vibration wandering* Chemical resistance* Electrically nonconductive* Three-dimensional adjustability* Designed for normal shop air and fluid pressures* Standard material for hose segments and…
    item # 6639-0305
    Minicool uses the venturi principle to spray air and liquid mixture. It consists of control valve, spray unit, air and siphon lines, and powerful on/off Popeye magnet. Magnet has V-form base so it can be mounted on non-flat surfaces. Additional features are separate on/off air and fluid controls,…
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    item # 1205-0435
    Get the right mist mixture with separate air and fluid controls.Fully assembled and ready to use and no special tank required.Easily repositioned magnetic base. Made of high quality non-corrosive materials that extend tool life with optimal heat dissipation; allow the correct mist mixture for any…
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    item # 6639-0435
    Consists of manifold and Noga Loc-Line flexible hose with nozzle on top and valve on bottom. Assembly attached to powerful popeye magnet with on/off. Attached plug can be replaced by second Loc-Line hose. Includes three nozzle sizes.
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    item # 1205-0437
    Stainless steel case and bezel. Spiral Bourdon tube, 600 PSI. Dual scale showing kilograms per square grams and PSI.
    For use with Noga Minicool coolant system. Spray line has sturdy, flexible hose with brass fittings. Nozzle nut is knurled brass.
    $3.00 - $25.00
    Flexible coolant hoses attached to on/off magnetic base. Just hook up line to coolant unit.
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    item # 6332-0005
    System consists of one 1/2-inch ball valve; four each 1/2 x 12-inch hose assemblies, male hose x 3/8-inch NPT connectors, and 1/2-inch nozzles; one manifold block with mounting bracket; and two NPT plugs. Features:* Valve control* Up to four hose lines* Interchangeable nozzles with different…
    item # 6639-0415
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