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    Sealants, Anti-Seize, & Abrasives
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    Premium quality anti-seize is formulated for extreme temperatures and hostile environments. Deposits pure nickel metallic plating on threaded connections, preventing metal-to-metal contact and guarding against seizing and galling. Nikal can be safely used with ammonia, acetylene and vinyl monomers…
    item # 6700-0345
    For preventing corrosion, seizing and galling in harsh chemical environments and temperatures to 2,400° F. Recommended for stainless steel and other metal fittings. Copper free. Must be shipped ground service only.
    item # 6703-0605
    A liquid sealant for locking and sealing high pressure fluid power systems with tapered fittings. Contains no filler. Will not foul valves or fluid filtering systems. Seal operating pressure (resistance) of 10,000 PSI.
    $37.35 - $130.35
    Premium combination of copper flake and graphite that provides a copper shield to eliminate metal-to-metal contact and prevent seizure, galling and corrosion. Will not run, drip or settle out. Not affected by contraction, vibration or expansion.
    item # 6700-0340
    Proprietary, high-tech, elastomeric rubber compound designed to provide reliable "formed-in-place" gaskets for mechanical assemblies. Designed specifically as replacement for conventional cut gaskets where instant sealability is advantageous. Product resists aging, weathering and thermal cycling…
    $23.70 - $29.55
    Formula suspends copper and graphite in high quality grease. Protects metal parts from rust, corrosion, galling, and seizing at temperatures to 1,800 degrees F (982 degrees C). Meets MIL-A-907.
    item # 6703-0640
    A general purpose instant sealant for tapered and straight fittings. Controlled strength for ease of disassembly. Seal operating pressure and resistance of 10,000 PSI. ISO certified.
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    $16.80 - $54.35
    Stick offers the same performance characteristics as Loctite Silver anti-seize paste in a convenient semi-solid stick form. Package offers more portability and less mess. Heavy duty, temperature resistant, petroleum based lubricant compound fortified with graphite and metallic flake. Inert; will…
    item # 6703-0740
    A one part, formed-in-place, RTV silicone that makes tough, flexible gaskets directly on flange. Recommended for sealing all types of flanges, including stamped sheet metal. Designed for superior bonding properties to oil contaminated metals. Low odor, non-corrosive, low volatility. Withstands…
    $12.45 - $28.55
    A ready to use, single component, room temperature, vulcanizing adhesive/sealant for making 500° to 600° F gaskets and seals. Uncured Superflex Red is a red, viscous, non-sag, low volatile paste, which emits small amount of acetic acid (vinegar-like odor) while curing to a flexible rubber.…
    $7.60 - $24.90
    A one part RTV silicone that remains flexible and withstands high vibration. Designed for high-torque applications. Withstands temperatures from -75 to 625 degrees F (-59 to 329 degrees C) intermittent. Outstanding oil and shop fluid resistance. Non-corrosive, low odor.
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    item # 6703-0047
    A graphite-calcium fluoride formula, free of lead, copper, sulfur and associated compounds. Contains no free metals and compatible with stainless steel and other nickel alloys. Typical applications include bolts, screws, studs, pipe joints, nuts, plugs, bushings, extruding and forming dies, heat…
    $6.90 - $31.85
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