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    Ideal tool for home, warehouse, storeroom, shop or janitor closet. Unique back-saving design. Gripper claw securely grasps objects both large and small. Uses include getting canned goods, books, merchandise on shelves or picking up trash. Steel shaft resists rust and corrosion. Note: Color may vary…
    item # 6602-0045
    A handy, lightweight companion tool for retrieving small metal parts, such as screws, bolts and metal shavings. High-powered neodymium magnet offers 2-pound pull capacity, great for snagging fallen wrenches or other tools. Magnet is six times more powerful than standard. Compact aluminum tool…
    item # 6800-0630
    A great combination tool for retrieving lost items from confined areas. Equipped with a powerful LED light and 2-pound neodymium magnet, tool works well for collecting fallen hardware and other ferrous metals from engine compartments and heating ducts and drains. Telescoping wand reaches from 7-3/4…
    item # 6800-0770
    Working inside dark, confined spaces on the job just got a lot easier! Pickup has a built-in bright white LED to directly illuminate work area and switches on with a quick push. No need for a flashlight when searching for lost bolts or tools. Flex shaft maneuvers through cramped engine…
    $10.35 - $11.25
    Useful rescue tool can be used to snag missing bolt from beneath an air compressor, or to retrieve screwdriver from inside an HVAC unit. Commonly used in the automotive, HVAC, machinist and general maintenance professions. Neodymium magnet provides a 2-pound pull capacity and is superior in…
    item # 6800-0635
    A must have rescue tool for retrieving ferrous metal parts, such as screws, nuts, wrenches and metal shavings. Great for auto mechanics, machinists and do-it-yourselfers. High power neodymium magnet offers smooth surface pull capacities that are up to six times stronger than cobalt magnets of equal…
    $9.95 - $12.55
    With a grip so fine, it can pick up a dime. Ergonomic handle design reduces hand and finger stress. Safety lock feature. Strong anodized aluminum and stainless steel construction. Heavy duty rubber cup grippers.
    item # 6605-0010
    Extends from 5-1/4 to 18 inches. Pocket clip.
    item # 6602-0950
    Flexible; bends around obstacles and into hard-to-reach areas.
    item # 6605-0735
    For hard to reach nuts and bolts. Great lifting power. Spring retracting claw mechanism and flexible steel body.
    item # 6605-0736
    Flexible shaft holds shape and can retrieve at hard to reach angles. Picks up objects up to 4 pounds.
    item # 6602-0175
    Lifts up to 8 pounds and extends to 24 inches.
    item # 6612-0060
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