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    Milling Machine Accessories
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    Package consists of a Bridgeport clamping kit, R8 shank keyed drill chuck and compatible arbor, end mill holder set, and high speed drill set. For the 52-piece Bridgeport clamping kit, chose one of the following sizes -- 5/8-inch table slot with 1/2-13 stud; 1/2-inch slot with 3/8-16 stud; or…
    Consists of a 58-piece Bridgeport clamping kit; 20-piece titanium nitride (TiN) coated end mill set; R8 end mill holder set; and five R8 collets. Details below. 58-piece Bridgeport clamping kit:* 24 1/2-inch studs for 5/8-inch table slot* Four each 3-, 4-, 5-, 6-, 7- and 8-inch lengths* Six T-slot…
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    item # 1350-9975
    The 58-piece Bridgeport clamping kit contains the following:* 24 1/2-inch studs for 5/8-inch table slots* Four each of 3-, 4-, 5-, 6-, 7- and 8-inch lengths* Six T-slot nuts* Four coupling nuts* Six flange nuts* Six pairs of steel step blocks* Three pairs of steel step clamps* One fitted steel rack…
    item # 1350-9900
    Drawbars prevent spacer from falling into the head during installation. Black oxide plateed, cold rolled steel. O-ring design.
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    $15.85 - $16.70
    Accessory is a support for use of R8 milling arbor to convert a vertical milling machine to horizontal. Support has 50-degree dovetail and is 6 inches wide and 8 inches from dovetail to the arbor hole center. Attachment has iron body and aligning pads for quick positioning. Takes R8 collets.…
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    item # 3006-0060
    With 7/16-20 (R8) thread. Useable length of 16 to 16-3/4 inches.
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    item # 3006-9001
    The patented Spindle Square is the easiest way to square your mill and the most precise method of tramming with a dial test indicator. Self-calibrating unit requires no additional measuring tools. No more tramming or split readings, compensating for loose, worn gears or mirrors. Simply zero the…
    $179.00 - $239.00
    Time saving accessory for Bridgeport operations. No more pulling off and resetting quill feed handle for repositioning. Just a flick of the wrist retracts pin from quill feed mechanism index plate. Then move handle to any desired position. Spring pushes pin back from quill feed actuation up or down.
    item # 3005-0005
    Unit keeps tools within easy reach, where and when needed, and also stops chips from falling into T-slots. It simplifies cleanup and is an easy way to carry tools from workbench to machine. Guard specially grooved to fit into table T-slots. Heavy duty plastic won't dent, chip or peel. Outside rib…
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    item # 6639-0440
    Add up to 8 inches xpanded capacity to your vertical mill. Bolts included.
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    $260.00 - $339.00
    Unique hammer comes with 3/4-inch socket on one side of head and brass insert on the other. Socket designed to tighten or loosen drawbars on Bridgeport style milling machines and other 3/4-inch head bolts found on mills. Brass end will not mar workpiece.
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    item # 3005-0135
    A smaller version of the Spindle Square, offering the same features, but specifically made for smaller machines. Use on mini mills or tabletop machines, such as drill presses. Self calibrating unit requires no other tools, shims, blocks or other gages and is the most precise method of tramming with…
    item # 1289-0715
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