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Four-way measurement: inside, outside, depth and step (except 24-inch model, which is three-way; no inside measurement). Other features are stainless steel hardened surface, adjustable non-glare dial and satin chrome finish. Includes fitted case or pouch.
$19.95 - $159.00
Inside, outside, depth and step measurements. Features output capability, stainless hardened rack, thumb roller for easy movement and large LCD display. Includes SR44 silver oxide battery. Can be used with positron digital display units.
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$27.50 - $139.00
Mitutoyo's Absolute Linear Encoder technology provides superior cost performance and ease of use. Turn the power on, and essential functions and direct measurement are provided. No more time consuming origin setup, which otherwise is required each time the power is turned on. Zero setting is also…
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$140.80 - $500.50
* Inside, outside, step and depth measurements* Improved durability; sliding surfaces of the main blade are coated with titanium* Slider displacements amplified by a rack and pinion mechanism on the dial* Extra rigid main beam* Hardened stainless steel throughout (Model 505-718 has carbide outside…
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$112.20 - $267.30
Stainless steel. Includes wood box.
item # 1266-0160
Four-way measurement: outside, inside, depth and step. Adjustable non-glare dial indicates both inch and metric; vernier also reads in both scales. Hardened stainless steel surface with satin chrome finish. Includes fitted plastic case.
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$33.25 - $72.00
Specially designed thumbwheel for adjusting non-glare dial. Stainless steel hardened surfaces. Four-way measurement. Includes case.
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item # 1266-0275
Inside, outside, depth and step. Vernier reads every 10 millimeters. Thumb roller for easy movement. LCD display. One silver oxide SR44 battery included. Working temperature of 41 to 140 degrees F.
item # 1266-0252
* Satin chrome finish* Long 50-division vernier scales with widely spaced graduations* Half as many bar graduations as conventional single or double vernier tools* Flush fitting of vernier scales to main scale, both in same plane, to eliminate reading errors and ensure exact alignment* Open face…
$902.00 - $3728.00
Constructed with features that have made Starrett slide calipers the machinist's choice for many years:* Lightweight ergonomic design* Large, easy-to-read .32-inch high LCD* Inch/millimeter conversion; zero at any position* Automatic shutoff after 5 minutes of nonuse; last measuring position is…
$158.00 - $1610.00
DIN862 calipers feature hardened stainless steel construction with locking clamp and thumb wheel, for outside, inside, depth and step measurements Other features:* Zero set, power on/off, inch/mm conversion* Zero button recessed to prevent accidental pressing* Uses SR44 cell (included)* Data output…
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$51.50 - $119.30
* Vernier scales of 1/1,000 and 1/50 millimeters* Both vernier scales located on one side of the gage for inside and outside measurements; no need to turn the tool over* Made of hardened stainless steel throughout, ground and lapped for accuracy, with chrome finish* Direct reading on inside…
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$21.95 - $199.00
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