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    Edge Finders
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    Quickly and accurately locates center on round workpieces. Shaft located in drill chuck or collet center is obtained when pointer lines up with line on short shaft.
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    item # 1311-9981
    Lights up instantly when stylus reaches work edge. Exact reading from any electrically conductive, clean metal surface. Includes AAA battery and Sylvania #224 bulbs in protective tube.
    item # 1291-0115
    Locate work surfaces easily, quickly and accurately. Work with flat straight edges, shoulders, grooves, round work, studs, dowels or center points and scribed lines. Includes protective case.
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    item # 1240-1190
    * Combination of large dial indicator and error proof digital counter make unique gage easy to read* Double-digit counter (up/down) can be separately set to zero at any height* Dial range of 0 to 100 in either direction* Wheel feed for upward or downward movement* Large diameter dial makes…
    $129.00 - $228.95
    Time saving positioning tool quickly locates working edges, shoulders, grooves, center points and scribe lines. Precision tolerance, with all parts hardened and ground.
    $5.50 - $19.95
    Use time saving positioning tool to quickly locate working edges, shoulders, grooves, center points and scribe lines. Precision tolerance. All parts hardened and ground.
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    $4.25 - $6.00
    Set consists of RDX electronic edge sensor and USA-made electronic offset gage. Edge sensor has a high sensitivity probe. Shank diameter is .750 inch; problem is .400 inch. Includes two batteries. Offset gage:* Fast, accurate measurement of tool vertical height* Use on any type of machine with any…
    item # 1291-9940
    High sensitivity probe. Includes two batteries.
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    item # 1291-0105
    Quickly locates working edges, shoulders, grooves, center points and scribe lines. All parts hardened and ground. Set contains the following:* One single end, 3/8-inch shank .200 tip diameter* One single end, 3/8-inch shank, 10-millimeter tip diameter* One single end, 10-millimeter shank and tip…
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    item # 1291-9920
    To accurately find position of tool spindle in relation to work surface, layout lines, holes, slots, etc. Set consists of interchangeable attachments and special chuck and ball contact attachment (.250-inch diameter); disc contact attachment (.100-inch diameter); needle point attachment; and offset…
    item # 1311-9980
    Rotary face, digital/analog display and auto power off. Ceramic contact moving tip and insert type anvils. Includes storage pouch.
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    item # 1220-0205
    Self-centering devices and two or three points. Jeweled dial gages with revolution counter. Includes fitted box.
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    $59.00 - $71.20
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