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    Each 2-inch long gage clearly marked with size. Precision micro-lapped finish. Centerless lapped to 10 micro finish. Fully hardened to Rc 60-62. Price includes deluxe fitted case.
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    $22.00 - $169.00
    Fully seasoned alloy tool steel hardened to Rc 65, providing both long wear and stain and rust resistance. Manufactured under carefully controlled conditions for the highest degree of accuracy when used at 68° F (20° C). Calibrated to meet or exceed federal specification GGG-G-15a. Includes…
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    item # 1311-0020
    Quick, accurate way to check sizes. Each slot numbered with decimal equivalent on back. Heavy gauge steel, hardened and tempered, with satin chrome finish.
    With 60-degree thread profiles and locking devices. Tempered steel.
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    $3.95 - $12.95
    With 48 wires in 16 different sizes. Measures all U.S. 60-degree threads. Includes laminated conversion chart for 60 degrees and vinyl carrying case.
    item # 1289-0135
    With standard 60-degree threads.
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    item # 1289-0090
    Beam and measuring slide made of hardened stainless steel, and measuring faces and guideways precision ground and micro-lapped for accuracy. Carbide tipped scriber. Other features are fine adjustment sliding scale; magnifier cursor; fine adjumstment and slide clamp screws;and two vernier scales.
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    $62.95 - $125.95
    Stainless steel tool provides five separate functions:* Drill point gage used to check 59-degree angle points* Bevel protractor used for measuring and laying out angles * Center finder locates shaft or circle centers* Circle divider (up to nine equal parts) used for dividing circles into sectors,…
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    item # 6800-0075
    Gages help to quickly and accurately identify drill bit sizes. They also are extremely useful with older, unmarked bits or ones too small for markings. Each heat treated, heavy steel gage is machined to close tolerances for spot-on accuracy. Hole sizes and decimal equivalents permanently etched in…
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    $12.70 - $13.05
    Ideal for toolmakers, machinists and mechanics. Front has machine screw size tap drill chart for recommended 75 percent depth thread. Back has decimal equivalents table. Covers National Fine, National Coarse, American Standard Pipe, and metric threads. Convenient 6-inch rule on bottom. Stainless steel.
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    item # 6800-1160
    Hardened and ground steel bases, with bottoms grooved for cylindrical work. Front recessed for depressing spindle below baseline. Spindle arm and scribes are adjustable and securely lock into position to any angle. Includes scriber point and two spindles.
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    $18.00 - $25.00
    * Excellent for sizing bolts, screws, nuts (USS, SAE and metric) and twist drills* Bolt size diameters #4 to 1 inch and 3 to 22 millimeters* USS and SAE hex nut and washer sizes #6 to 5/8 inch* Metric hex nut and washer sizes 3 to 22 millimeters* U.S. thread pitch sizes 10, 11, 13, 14, 16, 18, 20,…
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    item # 1289-0120
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