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Magnets & Magnetizers
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Precision ground flat, square and parallel to overall .0005-inch accuracy. Top, bottom and end magnetize simultaneously. On/off switch.
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item # 1971-0030
Pressure formed (sintered) magnets have 10 times the strength of alnico. Nickel plated for corrosion resistance.
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$1.75 - $8.59
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item # 6612-0005
Non-marring design. Lever release. V-groove safely lifts round stock. Safety tested. Permanent magnet
item # 6612-0470
Ideal for rough surfaces due to deeper flux field. Made of alnico (aluminum-nickel-cobalt). Use in temperatures up to 1,022 degrees F.
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$3.35 - $13.50
Powerful permanent magnet. Magnetizes and demagnetizes steel objects instantly. Cordless and handy.
item # 6612-0335
Made of Alcomax, a premium, powerful aluminum-cobalt-nickel alloy. Commonly used to attract, hold, clamp and secure.
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$14.00 - $178.50
Black heavy duty retrieving magnet with eyebolt and nut. Also use as durable magnetic base. Highly heat resistant.
item # 6612-0525
Shallow flux field best suited for gripping smooth surfaces. Made of Alcomax III, a powerful, high quality cast material of nickel, aluminum and cobalt. Mild steel body.
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$6.65 - $13.60
Demagnetize drills, punches, dies and other tools by drawing across surface. On/off switch. Not for continuous duty.
item # 1971-0010
Tired of losing all those fasteners during a project? Now you'll know right where they are with this wristband. It has a 1.5-inch diameter magnet. Includes two double ended screwdriver bits as additional accessory.
item # 6612-0330
Permanent magnet with high flux and capacity .
item # 6602-3750
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