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    Welding Equipment
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    Available in mild steel, aluminum or fluxcore, which can be used in all positions.
    $7.80 - $89.95
    Kit contains approximately 1/2 pound of 1/8-inch welding rods, stainless steel brush and complete instructions. Features:* Welds 1/32- to 3/8-inch aluminum, pot metal, galvanized and zinc-based metals* Use propane torch, MAPP gas or acetylene; no flux or fumes* Do-it-yourself repairs for…
    item # 3079-0670
    Everything fits in heavy duty molded portable tote with front built-in storage compartment. Cuts, welds, brazes and solders in one kit. Consists of torch handle, cutting head, oxygen and acetylene regulators and refillable tanks, goggles and striker. Brass and stainless construction.
    item # 4099-0025
    Fixtures make 90-degree contacts for welding, soldering and assemblies. Note: All products are shown in picture, but price is per fixture and not for all three.
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    $4.95 - $14.95
    Type 6013, for mild steel. Sold in 5-pound bags.
    Complete cutting handle and head. Brass and stainless construction. Cutting tip size 1-101-1. UL approved. Cuts up to 8 inches.
    item # 4099-0035
    Delivery pressure to 100 PSIG. The 2-3/4 inch diaphragm ensures constant delivery pressure. All flows based on 20 percent drop.
    Easy-to-use system welds steel, aluminum and stainless. (Note: Special gas required for aluminum and stainless and special drive wheel for aluminum, not included.) Kit includes five replacement tips, two each .30 inch, and one each .025, .035 and .045 inch; hand-held welding shield; hex wrench to…
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    item # 4099-0015
    Includes .040 tip, face shield and combination wire brush and hammer tool.
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    item # 3079-5055
    Outfit capable of cutting 1 inch and welding 1/8 inch. With larger tips unit can cut up 4 inches and weld 1/2 inch. Includes goggles, striker and twin hose. Harris #85 handle designed for popular equal pressure oxy-acetylene specifications. Cutting attachments have triangular tube arrangement for…
    item # 3061-0045
    Patented high tech carbon fiber product is lightweight, soft and flexible and protects during direct contact with weld spatter. Fire and heat resistant and withstands temperatures to 3,000 degrees F. Blanket reduces chance of sparks damaging fabric, pitting glass or marring paint finishes. Will not…
    item # 3079-3000
    The clamp for every welder and shop. Holds ferrous metals in place for welding. Great for many uses, including wrought iron and chain link fencing. Magnets positioned at 90-degree angle for secure grip on square, round and rectangular tubing, and channel, flat or angle iron. Convenient index marks.…
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    item # 3079-0005
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