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    WT Edge & Center Finder
    Time saving positioning tool quickly locates working edges, shoulders, grooves, center points and scribe lines. Precision tolerance, with all parts hardened and ground.
    $5.50 - $19.95
    WT 1
    …longer tool life, faster hole production, closer tolerance* Requires less energy and thrust* No more pilot holes or step drilling* No twist drill dead center, so torque and horsepower requirements are minimal* More cutting edges than drills; less chip load per tooth
    $9.00 - $60.30
    Cedarberg E-Z Tapper
    …adapters #8 and #10 and 1/4, 5/16, 7/15, 1/2, 5/8 and 3/4 inch. Spiral point taps are not included. Tap spindle wrench is removable for lathe use with dead center. Overall size and weight make this unit quite portable. Adapters for E-Z Tapper also are available.
    item # 6639-0360
    Starrett Wiggler or Center Finder
    Four different attachments adapt tool to countless applications and are readily interchangeable with the wiggler shank. Attachments snap into chuck without removing collet nut and are clamped by a ball swivel joint for adjustment to an angular position. Comes with four attachments: shank with point;…
    $5.90 - $53.55
    WT Wiggler or Center Finder
    To accurately find position of tool spindle in relation to work surface, layout lines, holes, slots, etc. Set consists of interchangeable attachments and special chuck and ball contact attachment (.250-inch diameter); disc contact attachment (.100-inch diameter); needle point attachment; and offset…
    item # 1311-9980
    PEC Tools Round Bar Center Finder
    Quickly and accurately locates center on round workpieces. Shaft located in drill chuck or collet center is obtained when pointer lines up with line on short shaft.
    item # 1311-9981
    WT 6-Piece Edge Finder Set
    Quickly locates working edges, shoulders, grooves, center points and scribe lines. All parts hardened and ground. Set contains the following:* One single end, 3/8-inch shank .200 tip diameter* One single end, 3/8-inch shank, 10-millimeter tip diameter* One single end, 10-millimeter shank and tip diameter*…
    item # 1291-9920
    Jet ZX Series Large Spindle Bore Lathe
    …capacity steady rest; centrally located controls with jog button; threading dial; mounting pads and levelers; spindle sleeve (7MT to 5MT); dead center; live center; toolbox and adjusting tools. Notes: Rotary phase converter must be 10 horsepower or higher with high torque kit. Use of static phase converter…
    $16999.00 - $19299.00
    Magnetic Edge Finder
    …with built-in permanent magnet. Precision ground, allowing accuracy of ±.0001 inch. If hole or slot is indicated to center line of spindle, workpiece edge automatically will be on center line. Avoids calculation errors by eliminating additions or subtractions.
    item # 1233-1045
    General Tools Multi-Use Rule & Gage
    …provides five separate functions:* Drill point gage used to check 59-degree angle points* Bevel protractor used for measuring and laying out angles * Center finder locates shaft or circle centers* Circle divider (up to nine equal parts) used for dividing circles into sectors, regular polygons and polygrams*…
    item # 6800-0075
    WT 4-Piece Edge Finder Set
    …, center points and scribe lines. Precision tolerance. All parts hardened and ground. Set consists of one single end, 1/2-inch shank, .500 head; one single end, 3/8-inch shank, .200 head; one double end, .500 and .200 heads; and one double end, 1/2-inch shank, .200 contact and point. Edge finders also…
    item # 1291-9980
    Mitutoyo Self-Centering Bore Gage
    Gages have self-centering devices with two or three points. Two-point self-centering small bore gage has two carbide contact points. Includes dial protector cover, carrying case and all necessary parts.
    $338.80 - $740.30
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