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    Dynamo Metalworking Lubricoolant
    * Pure synthetic formula handles the toughest metalworking applications; excellent choice for cast iron and other nonferrous metals* Lubricates tool and chips to reduce heat* Cools work to prevent distortion and discoloration from residual heat, increasing dimensionsal accuracy* Does not contain…
    $17.60 - $85.00
    Odor Control Tablets for Zebra Sumps
    …way to control odors in any water-based coolant system. Eliminate coolant stench and prevent odors such as hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg smell). Safer and more economical than biocides. Contains no formaldehyde or chemicals that release it.Use one tablet per 25 gallons of coolant every two weeks.
    item # 6329-1010
    Super Sawzit Metalworking Lubricoolant
    * Transparent liquid handles the toughest metalworking applications* Does not attack paint, exotic metals, bearings or pumps* Stable, biodegradable and odor free; non-smoking and fogging in use, with no residual workplace contamination* Cools work to prevent distortion and increases dimensional…
    $21.35 - $102.35
    Tapzit Synthetic Lubricoolant for Metals
    For tapping, drilling, reaming and profile milling. Compatible with and readily dissolves in Synthetic Lubricants lubricoolants and enhances their properties. Does not contain 1,1,1-trichlorethane, methylene chloride, sulfur, solvents or oils. Works by lubrication and not by evaporation.Apply…
    $6.36 - $117.85
    Cedarberg Magna-Flow Coolant Control System
    …to deliver air or liquid coolant where needed* Great for EDM flushing* Extends tool life with precise coolant delivery* Clears chips from work for easier visual inspection* Quickly transfers to other machines* Control valve allows convenient adjustment of air or coolant near work* Barbed connection…
    $43.06 - $48.42
    RDX 1/4
    Adjustable, stays in place, precise aiming. Interchangeable nozzles.
    item # 6332-0030
    Universal Brand Metalworking Lubricoolant
    Pure synthetic metalworking lubricoolant is biodegradable and designed to handle all shop metalworking applications. Coolant provides good rust protection, excellent boundary lubrication. Very low foaming, stable, odor free, non-smoking and fogging, with no residual contamination. Does not attack…
    $21.25 - $102.35
    Rustlick WS-5050 Heavy Duty Chlorinated Oil
    Suitable for all types of machining, including CNC. Provides excellent tool life. Uses safe, chlorinated olefin EP additive. For all metals except magnesium and titanium. Contains special additives to protect neoprene seals. Shipping Notes on Order Nos. 6700-0100 and 6700-0105: This item's weight…
    $56.00 - $1662.00
    RDX Coolant System Pump with Tank
    Includes pump and tank. Use with any coolant recovery system.
    item # 6619-0035
    Grindzal Lubricant for Segmented Grinders
    * Best choice in all dedicated grinding applications* Does not interfere with magnetic chucks* Especially suitable for high coolant operations when low foaming is critical* Enhanced to improve tool finish and provide superior rust protection* Clear and clean; allows good visibility* Biodegradable…
    $19.30 - $91.85
    Rustlick G-25B Synthetic Grinding Coolant
    Synthetic grinding coolant is Rustlick's most economical. Provides excellent corrosion protection. Compatible with brass, bronze and ferrous metals and ideal for use in machines with brass magnetic rings. Specially formulated for Blanchard grinding. Forms protective coating on metals so that they…
    $98.00 - $595.00
    Mega Mist Metalworking Misting Lubricoolant
    Designed for use in all air operated spray mist coolant systems. Dilution ratio: one gallon makes 30 gallons; dissolves in water to transparent, non-hazardous, ionic lubricoolant. Mega Mist handles your toughest metalworking applications and lubricates tool and chips to reduce heat. Breaks down…
    $18.80 - $90.30
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