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    Foot Treadle Valve for Heinrich Air Vises & Clamps
    Foot-operated three-way air valve, for instant hands-free operation of Heinrich air vises or clamps with single-acting cylinders (one or several units.) Treadle remains open or closed without constant foot pressure. Male fittings are 1/4-inch NPS. With four mounting holes in the base.
    item # 2103-0110
    Grip-Master SV Series Vises (Heinrich)
    The Grip-Master SV Series is for general vise and fixture use, and these vises are identifiable by their black knobs. A press on the locking lever actuates the eccentric crank, which tilts the locking ring. It grips the entire circumference of the center bar, forcibly moving the jaw forward against…
    $154.20 - $405.11
    Heinrich Air Collet Fixture
    Operates with Heinrich no. 45-12CI four-way foot treadle or no. 45-18 four-way hand valve, and three no. 34-14 air hoses. Collets not included. Fixture available alone or as package with three hoses and foot treadle. Fixture uses standard 5C type collets up to 1-1/8 inch diameter to hold round,…
    $467.83 - $607.66
    Grip-Master PA Series Vise
    The Grip-Master PA series stands for "pumping action," and the vises are identifiable by their red knobs. The operator is able to advance the jaw forward by "pumping" the locking lever, thereby "taking up" on compressible materials, such as warped castings, wood or metal laminations or plastics. The…
    $176.42 - $431.24
    Heinrich Air Vise with Single Acting Cylinder
    Precision machined vise speeds production and has ideal base structure for jigs and fixtures and diaphragm type, spring return air cylinder. Pressure level can be controlled to suit operation with air regulator. Ratchet operated. Triple lead thread adjusting screw quickly positions jaw at any point…
    $358.96 - $409.03
    Heinrich Drill Press Vise
    * Screw action vise can be used from three sides* Workpiece leveled quickly on recessed parallel jaw inserts* Ample clearance from parallels to table, plus widely spaced jaw guide bars, enable drilling clear through work* Jaw sides precision ground at right angles to inserts for accurate machining…
    $235.22 - $334.54
    Heinrich Grip-Master Fixture Locks
    The same locking mechanisms used in Grip-Master vises. Simplify your jig and fixture design and eliminate special locking details. Long travel provides plenty of chip clearance. Easy loading and unloading and gets into hard to reach placesSpecial locking bars up to 24 inches available. Bar is soft…
    $100.70 - $130.68
    V-Block Attachments for Heinrich Vises
    For use with all series and models of Heinrich Grip-Master brand vises. Hardened and ground. Ensures a firm grip on round stock.
    $41.82 - $78.41
    V-Block Attachment for Heinrich Air Vises
    For use with Heinrich single cylinder air vises. Hardened and ground.
    item # 2103-0125
    Grip-Master GM Series Vise
    Introduced by Heinrich in 1946 with the patented "screwless" operation, the Grip-Master is now an industry standard. A simple push on the center of the bar knob sets the jaw into position. An easy press on the locking lever cames the jaw ahead by 3/32 inch, exerting holding pressure, which is…
    $218.24 - $241.76
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