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    Microlon Precision Oiler
    Formula is nexpensive, portable and easy to use and specially blended like no other oiler on the market today. Half micron fractured resin is custom blended to high grade synthetic oil. When applied to any metal-to-metal contact point, it immediately starts to reduce friction. Film forms on the…
    item # 6713-0025
    Tech-Ni-Cool Machining Lubricant
    …operations. It handles the toughest metalworking applications in the most severe shop environments. Tool life is extended through increased lubrication, even when working with exotic and hard to machine materials. With less downtime cleaning machines, your shop will have higher productivity. Other…
    $23.40 - $103.35
    Crown Dry Moly Lubricant
    This quick drying lubricant leaves a thin film that provides extreme pressure lubrication. Use on automotive and industrial gaskets, grinding belts, threaded connections, metal belts, rubber components, sliding surfaces and gears, cams, bearings, chain drives and pulleys, and conveyor belts where…
    item # 6740-0010
    Microlon Assembly Lubricant
    Microlon Assembly Lubricant should be used on all moving parts during assembly. It has applications both for automotive and for firearms. Lightly coat all bearings, shafts, bushings, sleeves, piston rings, ring lands, pistons, cylinder bores, wrist pins, valve stems, valve guides, timing chains,…
    $8.50 - $18.95
    Coilhose Air Tool Lubricant
    A specially formulated ISO 46 fluid that prolongs life of air tools, cylinders and accessories, while enabling maximum performance.Inhibits rust formation. Non-detergent, non-corrosive, non-reactive and stable (non-decomposing). Prevents unnecessary service and removes moisture. The 4-, 16- and…
    $5.10 - $40.50
    WD-40 All Purpose Lubricant
    …rust, cleans sticky parts, lubricates, and displaces moisture. Does not affect rubber O-rings or gaskets and won't gum up on power tools, ski bindings or bikes. Ialso will not affect firearms bluing, and often it is used in the bluing process itself. Lubricant contains no chlorinated solvents,…
    $4.75 - $135.00
    Coilhose Economy Inline Lubricator
    …and polycarbonate lubricator designed to be installed at tool to deliver lubrication directly to the device itself, rather than to hose. For intermittent use on piston-driven tools, such as nailers and staplers. Protects tools by providing continual, direct lubrication level. Clear polycarbonate…
    item # 3086-1535
    26 Series Lubricators (Coilhose)
    …provide the advantages of a specially engineered system, but at a substantial cost savings. Lubricator features:* Once delivery rate is set, proportional oil-to-air delivery rate assures even lubrication at all times* Tamper proof cap allows oil delivery rate to be locked in* Refills through fill…
    $50.25 - $51.25
    Stick-Kut Lubricating Stick Wax
    Safe, effective lubricant for grinding wheels, sanding belts and saw blades. Eliminates heat buildup and belt loading and extends wheel life. Provides smooth, cool cutting, reduces loading, stops binding and prevents burring.
    item # 1331-0025
    Coilhose Heavy Duty Lubricators
    * Full mist lubrication and automation with 100 percent sight indication* Fill with oil without shutting down air feeding production* Use key or knob to control rate of oil delivery and lock proper lubrication level in place* Once oil rate delivery is set, it is sent proportionately at all other air…
    $59.10 - $122.30
    Coilhose 27 Series Lubricators
    …proportional oil-to-air delivery rate assures even lubrication at all times* Tamper proof cap locks in oil delivery rate* Refills through fill port do not require shutting down air line, depressurization or bowl removal* Bowl guard standard and mounts directly on lubricator body, independent of bowl
    RDX Single Shot Lubricator
    Use hand operated unit on any machine or chain that might need occasional oiling. Delivery rate is about 8 cc (0.3 ounce). Four mounting holes.
    item # 6332-0035
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