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    Carbide tipped.
    $0.10 - $5.20
    T1213 regular helix, 118-degree point. 18 inches overall length, 16-1/2 inch flute length. For heavy-duty construction. Great when extra reach is required. Reduced shanks over 1/4-inch diameter.
    $9.25 - $30.00
    T1212 regular helix, 118-degree point. 13 inches overall length; 11-1/2 inch flute length. Use when extra reach is required. Reduced shanks over 1/4-inch diameter.
    $7.22 - $27.41
    …Groo-V® tip bit makes holes in almost all materials! Engineered for drilling hard material, these specialized ram-tip bits have a serrated carbide tip that penetrates faster, up to 50 percent more than standard masonry bits. A drill press supported motor is recommended for drilling hard metal.
    $4.95 - $33.80
    T11 high helix, 118-degree point. Engineered with higher helix for drilling in hard concrete, aggregates and similar materials.
    $2.57 - $15.25
    T12 regular helix, 118-degree point. Wide flutes provide fast dust removal in softer materials. Designed for drilling in brick, concrete and sandstone.
    ON SALE $1.75 - $6.25
    …the serious drill bit user, whether a do-it-yourselfer, hobbyist or professional. Sharpener is designed for durability and has the flexibility required to sharpen the largest range and most popular sizes of dull or broken bits, including split points and masonry bits. You can increase Drill Doctor's capacity…
    item # 2810-0505
    bits, including split points and masonry bits. Increased capacity to sharpen 3/32- to 3/4-inch bits. Includes instructional DVD, user guide and sturdy plastic carrying case. Features:* Longer jaws hold bit more precisely and guides eliminate jaw twisting on small bits* "Push to stop" design on drill
    item # 2810-0755
    * Dual torque/speed ranges* For percussion drilling with carbide-tipped hammer-drill bits in concrete and masonry or drilling without hammering in wood or metal* Trigger speed control* All ball and roller bearings* Side handle that can be used on either side and with or without depth gage* Self-stopping…
    item # 3074-5378
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