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    Masonry Drill Bits
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    Carbide Tipped High Helix Masonry Drills (USA)
    T11 high helix, 118-degree point. Engineered with higher helix for drilling in hard concrete, aggregates and similar materials.
    $2.57 - $15.25
    Groo-V Tip Multi-Purpose Bits
    Percussion or rotary only, bit makes holes in almost all materials. Engineered for drilling hard material, specialized ram-tip bits have serrated carbide tip that penetrates faster, up to 50 percent more than standard masonry bits. Drill press supported motor recommended for drilling hard metal.
    $4.95 - $33.80
    Meda Carbide Tipped Masonry Drills
    Carbide tipped.
    $0.10 - $5.20
    T1212 regular helix, 118-degree point. 13 inches overall length; 11-1/2 inch flute length. Use when extra reach is required. Reduced shanks over 1/4-inch diameter.
    $7.22 - $27.41
    T1213 regular helix, 118-degree point. 18 inches overall length, 16-1/2 inch flute length. For heavy-duty construction. Great when extra reach is required. Reduced shanks over 1/4-inch diameter.
    $9.25 - $30.00
    Carbide Tipped Regular Helix Masonry Drills (USA)
    For drilling in brick, concrete and sandstone. Wide flutes provide fast dust removal in softer materials. T12 regular helix, 118-degree point.
    $2.30 - $8.70
    Drill Doctor DD500X Drill Bit Sharpener
    …popular sizes of dull or broken bits, including split points and masonry bits. You can increase Drill Doctor's capacity with optional 3/4-inch chuck accessory. "Push to stop� design on drill point splitting port will not allow you to over-split bit point. Includes Drill Doctor DVD, user guide and…
    item # 2810-0505
    Drill Doctor DD750X Drill Bit Sharpener
    bits, including split points and masonry bits. Increased capacity to sharpen 3/32- to 3/4-inch bits. Includes instructional DVD, user guide and sturdy plastic carrying case. Features:* Longer jaws hold bit more precisely and guides eliminate jaw twisting on small bits* "Push to stop" design on drill
    item # 2810-0755
    * Dual torque/speed ranges* For percussion drilling with carbide-tipped hammer-drill bits in concrete and masonry or drilling without hammering in wood or metal* Trigger speed control* All ball and roller bearings* Side handle that can be used on either side and with or without depth gage*…
    item # 3074-5378
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