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    …mill capacity: 1-1/8" Mini table lathe: Swing over bed: 7" Swing over cross slide: 4" Distance between centers: 10" Spindle bore: 13/16" Center taper: MT2 Lead screw: 5/8" dia. x 16 TPI Cross slide travel: 3" Inch threading: 2-5/8" Compound rest travel: 2" Max. cutting tool size: 5/8" Bed face width: 3…
    Six speeds, reversing switch, and inch and metric dial. Also face plate, MT2 dead center, steady rest, four-way tool post, 4-inch three-jaw chuck and 7-inch four-jaw chuck. No splash guard.
    item # 3003-0929
    Tang style. Asterisk (*) means holder for single end mills.
    $12.50 - $99.00
    Drawbar style. Asterisk (*) means holder for single end mills.
    $9.00 - $99.00
    Straight flute, Morse taper.
    $10.95 - $68.60
    * Variable speed and overload protection, splash guard, inside lead screw and three-jaw chuck* Cast iron tailstock* Chuck guard with automatic on/off switch for safety* Lead screw protected under bed with auto-feed mechanism * Cross slide has an industrial style, bolt-down, heavy duty, cast iron…
    item # 2005-0960
    High speed steel finishing reamers.
    item # 1167-9980
    Features one each 6-inch three-jaw and four-jaw chucks; MT2 live center; MT2 and MT3 dead centers; center sleeve; toolbox; steady and follow rests; thread change gears; 8-inch faceplate; four-way turret; and 1/2-inch drill chuck.
    item # 3001-0005
    Carbide tipped, two flutes, MT2. Overall length, 2-1/16 inches; cutter diameter, .730 inch.
    item # 9002-0160
    For changing National Standard tapers to R8 and Morse taper.
    $19.50 - $75.00
    * Hinged metal belt and pulley cover, coupled with quick adjustment motor mount enable rapid spindle speed changes * Rotating and tilting, crank operated worktable with quick release clamp* On/off switch located on front of drill press head* 1/2-inch diameter external positive depth stop with three-…
    $662.00 - $1199.00
    …consumer or pro iron, ideal for hobby, assembling kits and radios and electronic work. Kit consists of SP23L iron; plated copper 1/8-inch diameter MT1, MT2 and MT3 tips; 40/60 resin-core solder; and soldering aid tool. Features:* Indicator light allows you to instantly see iron is on* Featherweight iron…
    item # 6904-0010
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