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    Sharpe Mini Regulator
    Small lightweight unit attaches to any spray gun for precise air pressure regulation. True diaphragm regulator. Push/pull lock pressure setting and easy to read 0-160 PSI gage.
    item # 3080-0682
    RDX Air Regulator with Gage
    Precision tapered valve, full open-to-close with 2-1/2 turns. Fits any leading spray gun.
    item # 3083-0100
    Coilhose Heavy Duty Regulators
    Assures highest flow rates with accurate control and fast response.Built-in diaphragm prevents rupture in the event of surges. Inside balanced valve activates pressure bleed mechanism at only a slight overpressure.
    $38.40 - $102.44
    RDX Air Regulator
    Precision tapered valve, full open-to-close with 2-1/2 turns. Infinitely adjustable. Large, easy to handle knob.
    item # 3083-0071
    Milton Mini Low Pressure Regulator
    Ideal for use with paint spray guns, pneumatic equipment and miniature valving; anywhere a compact unit is required. Four ports. Sturdy glass filled nylon.
    item # 3100-0025
    Harris #2F Single Stage Flow Meter Regulator
    * Regulator and flow meter in one compact unit* Strong, easy to read Lexcon flow tube and cover* Easily change tube for different gases* Dual calibration on argon/carbon dioxide flow tube* Regulator is preset at 50 PSIG* Flow meter not affected by downstream pressure variations * Sensitive needle…
    Harris Model 25 Single Stage Regulator
    One-piece encapsulated seat design with internal filter and PTFE Teflon seat. Chrome-plated bonnet with forged brass body and 2-inch dual scale gages. Large 3/4-inch diaphragm ensures constant delivery pressure.
    Harris Model 301 Flow Gage Regulator
    For accurate measurement of gas flow to 60 SCFH. Easy read gages. Rugged, lightweight design consists of one-piece encapsulated seat with internal filter and PTFE Teflon seat.
    Harris Model 29 Single Stage Regulator
    Delivery pressure to 100 PSIG. The 2-3/4 inch diaphragm ensures constant delivery pressure. All flows based on 20 percent drop.
    RDX 1/4
    Increases air tool life by using correct pressure and filtering contaminated water. Unit operates by pulling up regulating knob. Includes hanger.
    item # 3083-0140
    Coilhose 3-Piece Filter, Regulator & Lubricator Sets
    …Venturi achieves control at low flow conditions * Separate adjustment available for extremely high or low air flows* includes plastic bowl Regulator:* Maximum operation inlet pressure is 125 PSI and assures highest flow rates with accurate control and fast response* Built-in diaphragm prevents…
    $164.10 - $361.60
    Coilhose Miniature Filter, Regulator & Lubricator
    Assembly designed for applications where space is limited and flow requirements are low. It excels in control panels and miniature circuitry. Can be disassembled by hand for easy maintenance. "Dial set" operating adjustment allows oil to be easily set at required feed rate, whether air is on or off.…
    item # 3086-1400
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