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    WT 6
    Perfect for surface and cutter grinding. Includes jointer/planer and knife sharpening guide. Achieve wide range of correct relief and included angles using jointer and knife guide. Can be varied from 30 to 60 degrees. Note: This item's weight exceeds the UPS shipping standard; therefore there will…
    item # 3036-0012
    WT Punch Grinder
    Device can be put on surface grinding machine for making round punches. Grind by putting them among grinders's three rollers without checking center.
    item # 2800-0085
    WT Motor Punch Grinder
    High accuracy cylindrical grinding is possible by just putting this economical unit on surface grinder. No center alignment necessary; just put the work on the rollers. Lightweight for easy setup. Rollers are motor driven, so operator can concentrate on the table and wheel feeds. Work also can be…
    item # 2800-0090
    Blade Resharpening Fixture for APT Multi-Tool
    Accommodates all APT Multi-Tool blade diameters and thicknesses. The correct amount of end tooth relief angle is built into the fixture, making resharpening simple, accurate and inexpensive on any surface grinder.
    item # 2010-0220
    CGW Precision Non-Reinforced Toolroom Cut-Off Wheels
    Type 1 aluminum oxide. Use on stationary bench or surface grinders. Use only when the workpiece is tightly held and wheel operates on on a controlled cutting surface with no movement. A reinforced wheel must be used for any applications that require twisting or lateral stress.
    $3.78 - $6.98
    Suburban Round Permanent Magnetic Chuck
    Ideally suited for holding magnetic workpieces on ID grinders and other machinery that requires a rotating chuck. Permanent ceramic magnet has superior holding power and never loses strength. No electrical controls or collector rings required. Thick top plate is laminated from steel and stainless…
    $538.95 - $4287.60
    CGW Precision Reinforced Toolroom Cut-Off Wheels
    Type 1 wheels, aluminum oxide. Use on stationary bench or surface grinders. Designed and manufactured to tight tolerances. Fiberglass reinforcement adds extra strength. Note: Characteristics are the same as non-reinforced wheels; do not use unless workpiece is fixed or rotates into the wheel.
    $3.15 - $4.83
    WT Replacement Wheel for 6
    Use with WT's 6-inch universal surface grinder (order no. 3036-0012).
    item # 3036-0011
    Suburban Magnetic Surface Grinder Chuck
    Ceramic magnet will not lose magnetism or become demagnetized. Lubricated and sealed. Includes two each tie-down clamps and rails and removable on/off handle. Shipping Notes on Order Nos. 1701-0385, 1701-0395, 1701-0410, 1701-0415: This item's weight exceeds the UPS shipping standard; therefore…
    $570.25 - $2331.75
    WT Vertical Metal Cutting Bandsaw
    …loosens, and prevents workpiece surface marring. Butt welder allows on-machine welding of blades (1/8- to 5/8-inch capacity). Blade speed is shown on a graduated readout dial. Speed is easily adjusted with a turn of the handwheel. Other features:* Blade shear* Grinder* Built-in blade and tire…
    $2595.00 - $3595.00
    Weiler FlexFinish Surface Conditioning Discs
    * For use on portable right angle and die grinders* Perfect for removing scratches and other surface defects* Use for cleaning, blending and conditioning metal surfaces * Removes rust, flash and oxidation* For light deburring and blending of ground-out welds; great for gasket removal* Heavy duty…
    $0.55 - $7.00
    CGW Surface Conditioning Flap Discs
    Premium surface conditioning material. Three different grits for blending, deburring and cleaning. Use on steel and stainless. For right angle grinders.
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