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    mill clamp set

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    RDX Rotary Table
    Manually operated tables are widely used for circular cutting, angle setting, boring, and spot facing with a milling machine. Tables offer excellent performance, practical design and low cost. Other features:* Fully ground finish* Hand finished critical wear points for ultra precision* Very smooth…
    $129.00 - $479.00
    RDX Mill Package #2
    clamping kit, R8 shank keyed drill chuck and compatible arbor, end mill holder set, and high speed drill set. For the 52-piece Bridgeport clamping kit, chose one of the following sizes -- 5/8-inch table slot with 1/2-13 stud; 1/2-inch slot with 3/8-16 stud; or 7/16-inch slot with 3/8-16 stud. Set
    Bessey Tradesman Bar Clamps
    …let go and provides effective alternative to clutch style clamps* Set screw permanently molded into sliding arm and interlocked with serration on six sides of rail for non-slip grip* Cold drawn, profiled steel rail made in Bessey's own mill for total quality control* Rail's unique profile engineered…
    $14.65 - $37.65
    RDX 9-Piece Wavy Parallel Set
    Economical, simple and easy to use in precision parts clamping for drilling, boring, milling, grinding and assembly work. Unique clamping aid is practical and reliable for precise vertical workpiece positioning. Other features:* Ideal for clamping group of flat workpieces* Can readily be used as…
    item # 1291-0280
    RDX Mill Package #3
    Consists of a 58-piece Bridgeport clamping kit; 20-piece titanium nitride (TiN) coated end mill set; R8 end mill holder set; and five R8 collets. Details below. 58-piece Bridgeport clamping kit:* 24 1/2-inch studs for 5/8-inch table slot* Four each 3-, 4-, 5-, 6-, 7- and 8-inch lengths* Six T-slot…
    item # 1350-9975
    RDX Mill Package #1
    …nuts* Six flange nuts* Six pairs of steel step blocks* Three pairs of steel step clamps* One fitted steel rack that mounts on a wall or sits on a work table 20-piece titanium nitride (TiN) coated end mill set two-flute and four-flute in the following sizes:* 3/16 x 3/8* 1/4 x 3/8* 5/16 x 3/8*…
    item # 1350-9900
    RDX R8 Shank Type 45� Indexable End Mill
    Use for surface milling of steel; alloy, stainless and heat resistant steels; cast irons; and aluminum alloys. The 45-degree setting angle and shim supported 1/2-inch IC square inserts give cutter top precision and free cutting. screw and washer clamping system makes insert changes quick and easy.…
    item # 1089-0110
    Machining Center Clamp Spring-Loaded Mill Clamp Set
    One base and two inserts. Made of 1018 mild steel.
    $138.89 - $305.56
    RDX Quad Mill Indexable End Mill Set
    Positive rake 15- and 45-degree leads. Uses standard 1/2-inch IC square inserts. Clamps are interchangeable for all sizes. Easy stock removal on low horsepower machines. Higher metal removal rates. Fine surface finished. Note: Do not use SPG 424 inserts (1/16 radius) on 15-degree quad mills.
    $95.00 - $199.00
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