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    Noga C Type Deburring Countersinks
    High speed steel hardened to Rc 62-64.
    $14.10 - $26.40
    Noga Cobra Drop Ejector Coolant System
    Designed to accurately direct small liquid quantities to specfic targets. Air actuated piston shoots drops through flexible hose onto target. Shots can be automatically or manually timed. User also can adjust liquid quantity by turning screw on the back. Cobra operates on clean air pressure of 3 to…
    item # 1205-0460
    Noga N-Promo Deburring Set
    Consists of one NG-2 handle that holds all Noga N series blades and ten N-1 blades (B10).
    item # 1205-0370
    Noga Chip Hook
    For removing chips and cleaning chip trays on machines. Black finished steel hooks. The 5-inch special guard protects the hand. NogaGrip handle designed for maximum comfort. Also can be used with Noga chip shovel (order no. 1205-0390).
    $20.00 - $22.00
    Noga Articulated FAT DG Holder
    * Powerful on/off magnetic base* Fine adjustment on top with universal swivel clamp* Unique central locking mechanism with Noga designed spring loaded bearing* Three-dimensional dial gage holder* Instant setup into any position* Black finished arms
    item # 1205-0421
    Noga Minicool Coolant System
    Minicool uses the venturi principle to spray air and liquid mixture. It consists of control valve, spray unit, air and siphon lines, and powerful on/off Popeye magnet. Magnet has V-form base so it can be mounted on non-flat surfaces. Additional features are separate on/off air and fluid controls,…
    item # 1205-0435
    Noga Burr Sets
    Suitable for coarse to extra fine deburring operations, and capable of holding all heavy-duty S-blades (E-blades). Blades mounted directly on handle, with extra blades stored within. Quick blade change by pressing safety button. Includes NB handle and S blades.
    $8.50 - $10.90
    Noga 3D Small Indicator Holder
    Three-dimensional small holder with unique 360-degree fine adjustment on base. Powerful on/off miniature magnet.
    item # 1205-0400
    Noga Small Indicator Holder with Permanent Magnet
    Three-dimensional holder with unique 360-degree fine adjustment on the base. Powerful on/off permanent magnet and five-axis holder.Central locking mechanism with NOGA-designed spring loaded bearing. Black finish on arms.
    item # 1205-0405
    Noga Scraper
    Heavy duty scraper is double ended to extend tool life. Hollow ground. Can be locked in required position. Includes Uni-handle and T120 triangular scraper.
    item # 1205-0140
    Noga D Blade Holder
    Holds Noga mini and internal scrapers. M3 set screw holds the blades. Allen key included.
    item # 1205-0165
    Noga NG-3 Tool Handle
    Holds all Noga deburring blade holders. Designed for maximum hand comfort.
    item # 1205-0376
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