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    RDX Standard Machinist's Steel Square
    * Designed for precision layout and measurement work* Made of the finest hardened Sheffield steel* Hardened blade* Squares are true right angles, both inside and outside* Beams and blades are ground and lapped for parallelism * Blade length measured from corner edge of beam to end of blades
    $3.95 - $24.95
    RDX Hardened Beveled Edge Steel Square
    * Accurate right angles both inside and outside* Made from single piece of fully seasoned tool steel* Beams and blades ground and lapped for parallelism* Class H accuracy* Blades beveled on both edges of each side* Beam grooved at inner corner for clearance of burrs and dirt* Hardened and ground to…
    $12.95 - $37.00
    RDX Right Angle Milling Machine Attachment
    …spiral bevel gears are heat treated and ground alloy steel. The 1-inch R8 milling machine arbor is made of heat treated and ground alloy steel. Spacers are ground parallel and square with bore. Set consists of right angle attachment head, milling arbor, collet drawbar (stud) and arbor support.
    item # 3006-0060
    Insize 6
    Hardened and chrome plated blade. Includes plastic storage box.
    item # 1220-0175
    Insize 12
    Use as square, level, marking gage, scriber, center gage, protractor and steel rule. Square has level and scriber. Protractor graduated 180 degrees in both directions and has level. Includes fitted storage case.
    item # 1220-0165
    General Tools Precision Squares
    For checking external and internal 90-degree angles; use where accurate right angles are essential. Beam riveted to fully ground and polished carbon steel blade. Groove on inside beam corner for dirt or burr clearance.
    $12.50 - $66.50
    RDX Right Angle Iron
    All faces and ends machined and finished square and parallel. High quality, stress relieved, fine grained cast iron.
    $24.50 - $485.40
    RDX Combination Square Head
    Heads fit 12-, 18- and 24-inch blades. Blades sold separately.
    $9.65 - $19.95
    RDX Center Square
    Useful square for rapid location of round bar or disc center. Place round bar between center square, and scribed line center will be the workpiece's accurate center. Ground tool steel with hardened and tempered blade.
    $8.95 - $15.75
    RDX Slotted Webbed End Angle Plate
    High tensile cast iron seasoned against distortion. Ground square and parallel on flat surfaces. Inside surfaces painted gray. Note on Order Nos. 2128-0020 and 2128-0022: This item's weight exceeds the UPS shipping standard; therefore there will be UPS surcharges added to the estimate you have…
    $12.00 - $107.00
    Insize 6
    Use as square, level, scriber, marking or center gage, protractor and steel rule. Square has level and scriber. Includes plastic storage case.
    item # 1220-0170
    Starrett Combination Square Head
    Forged and hardened. Square and center have smooth black enamel finish; protractor with satin chrome finish.
    $68.00 - $105.00
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