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    Starrett Fitted Micrometer Case
    Cases for 0- to 1-inch and 1- to 2-inch micrometers are deluxe, fitted plastic, with rigid, substantial construction. Cases for larger tools are heavy duty wood, or high density rigid foam construction.
    $14.70 - $82.95
    Starrett Redstripe High Speed Power Hacksaw Blade
    Ideal when work is held securely, and blade is not subjected to bending and twisting stresses. Blades hold edge when cutting hard to machine alloys and maintain straightness. Uniformly hardened molybdenum.
    $12.90 - $40.40
    Starrett Combination Square Head
    Forged and hardened. Square and center have smooth black enamel finish; protractor with satin chrome finish.
    $71.00 - $125.00
    Starrett Steel Rule with Shrink Measure Graduation
    Use to lay out wood and metal patterns and core boxes for casting metals. Spring tempered steel and satin chrome finish. Graduated to give shrink allowances directly.
    item # 1240-2025
    Starrett T-Handle Tap Wrenches
    Used to hold taps, reamers and other small tools to be turned by hand. Centered body enables worker to use on lathe centers or upright drilling machine to start tap straight. Jjaws conform to tool being held, making it rigid and less likely to loosen. Heat treated to withstand ordinary shop use. All…
    $36.00 - $79.00
    Starrett Series 98 Machinist Level
    Graduated and ground vials in all models. All levels except 4-inch have cross test vial. With cross test, level simultaneously in both directions and prevent inaccuracies in main vial reading from canting the level sideways on round work. The 12-inch model has a plumb vial; 18 inch size has double…
    $111.00 - $380.00
    Starrett Series 565 8-Piece Drive Pin Punch Set
    Made from specially selected tool steel. Hardened and highly polished. Knurled finger grip. Punch size stamped on head.
    item # 6525-0045
    Starrett Complete Body Clamp
    Use with Starrett Series 711 Last Word dial indicators. Permits indicator to be held by its body and clamped to any diameter rod from 1/8 to 1/4 inch. Clamp also attaches directly to the rod on Starrett No. 252 height transfer gage; Nos. 57 and 257 surface gage scribers; and Nos. 657A and AA…
    item # 1240-0950
    Starrett Swivel Clamp
    Use with Starrett gages. Fits over spindles and posts 3/32 to 1/4 inch (2.4 to 6.3 mm). Can be used directly on Starrett's No. 252 height transfer gage and 657 Series magnetic base holders. Clamp frequently used on 1/4-inch rod of snug and rod unit Model PT22430 (WT order no. 1240-0900).
    item # 1240-0890
    Starrett Holding Bar
    Use with Starrett tool posts or height gages. Works with 708, 709 and 811 series indicators.
    item # 1240-0905
    Starrett Double Jointed Attachment
    Unit has 3/8-inch diameter at one end and 1/4-inch at the other. Fits into chucks and collets, such as in a jig borer. Holds the indicator by its body clamp, giving it greater depth and diameter range. Compatible with Starrett Series 711 Last Word indicators.
    item # 1240-0945
    Starrett Center Punch Set
    Made of tool steel, hardened on both ends. Round shanks and knurled grips. Special Starrett tempering process prevents head from fracturing; adds greatly to punch life; and prevents accidents from flying splinters. Tips accurately centered. Includes plastic case.
    item # 6525-0441
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