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    surface plate

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    RDX Precision Black Granite Surface Plate
    Plates meet federal specifications GGG-P-463-C, Grade B, 0 ledge. Notes: All plates except 1301-0001 and 1301-0006 must be shipped motor frieight. Please indicate in the comments section of your order whether item will be shipped to a commercial or residential location, and if you will need the…
    $21.00 - $639.00
    RDX Slotted Webbed End Angle Plate
    High tensile cast iron seasoned against distortion. Ground square and parallel on flat surfaces. Inside surfaces painted gray. Note on Order Nos. 2128-0020 and 2128-0022: This item's weight exceeds the UPS shipping standard; therefore there will be UPS surcharges added to the estimate you have…
    $9.95 - $107.00
    RDX Precision Granite Surface Plate & Stand Set
    Precision black granite plates meet federal specification GGG-463-C and Grade B, 0 ledge. Stand features heavy bolted angle iron with leveling screws. Save 20 percent of the cost of buying surface plate and stand separately. Note: Due to this product's weight, shape, size or special handling…
    $179.00 - $329.00
    Wilton Super Precision 2-Way Angular Machine Vises
    …constructed of close grained, high tensile, seasoned alloy castings* All ground surfaces made to close tolerances* Ergonomically designed all steel handle with spring loaded ball attachment* Hardened and ground jaw plates; no jaw tilt* Jaws hardened to Rc 54-58* 90-degree vertical and 180-degree…
    $244.00 - $882.00
    Jet 22
    …tapered bearings * Hardened, ground and shaved chrome molybdenum headstock gears * One-shot lubrication and Turcite-B on carriage bed sliding surfaces * T-slotted compound slide with four-way tool post * One-piece cast iron base absorbs vibration, allowing heavier cuts * ANSI Class 50, wear…
    item # 2005-0540
    RDX Granite Check
    A black granite surface plate and dial comparator stand, all in one. Accepts all AGD indicators. Micro-screw fingertip control and fine adjustment.
    item # 1276-0050
    RDX Granite Check & Indicator Set
    Black granite surface plate and dial comparator stand, all in one. Plate features micro-screw fingertip control on column, 0.00005-inch flatness, extreme stability, fine adjustment and acceptance of all AGD indicators.
    item # 1276-0051
    RDX Surface Plate Stand
    Stand only. Use with precision black granite surface plate. Heavy bolted angle iron with leveling screws.
    $131.00 - $369.00
    Etch-O-Matic Super Industrial Etching Kit
    …seconds. It will etch into the surface of almost any metal except anodized aluminum. The system etches anything that can be typed, written, drawn or die impressed on a special stencil, such as names, numbers and trademarks, or even your signature. It will mark round surfaces from 1/16-inch diameter…
    item # 1249-0165
    RDX 5
    Bar and rolls made of quality tool steel, hardened and ground for extreme accuracy. Bar bottom extends past bottom of rolls. When tool is moved over surface plate, all wear is eliminated from rolls.
    item # 1291-0066
    Dico Buffing Compositions
    …steel and other hard metals. Tripoli (TC6, brown): Natural abrasive. Removes surface imperfections from all base metals and plastics. Used for general cutting and preliminary coloring operations. Excellent on brass plating and aluminum, pewter, etc. Mild cutting action and good coloring. Stainless…
    $2.70 - $11.20
    Suburban Tool Sine Plate
    Minute angle step 0.2 is built into gage block roll, eliminating step in base plate. Two hardened and ground side rails and one locking strap included. Strap always remains below top surface. Large hinge pins for extra strength. Notes on Order No. 1701-0025: This item's weight exceeds the UPS…
    $530.10 - $1561.70
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