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    tool steel

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    RDX Ground Square Tool Bits
    High speed M2 steel or 5 percent cobalt available.
    $1.25 - $49.00
    Suburban Tool 4-Way Parallels
    Precision ground to exact sizes; no need to buy matched pairs. Hardened and ground steel parallels can be purchased and used individually or matched with any number of individual Suburban parallels at any time. Different sizes can be used together. For example, A 6-by-1/2- by-1-inch parallel can be…
    $67.45 - $395.30
    …vacuum degassed carbon steel that is easily machined, has excellent weldability, and responds uniformly to case hardening. Long cutting tool life, fine finish, fast production and low machining costs. Thoroughly stressed relieved. Savings up to 60 percent over tool steel flat stock. Manganese…
    $22.25 - $287.00
    USA Made 36
    …purpose oil hardening tool and die steel. Normal care in treatment provides good hardening results and produces small dimensional changes. Good abrasion resistance and sufficient toughness for normal tool and die applications. When compared to 1 percent carbon steel, O1 has a 90 machinability…
    $1.20 - $99.19
    CGW Pink Grain Tool Room Surface Grinding Wheels
    Ideal for grinding medium and hard to grind high speed steels and cast alloy steels. Sharper grain for fast, cool cutting action. More friable than white aluminum oxide grain. Excellent when rapid stock removal is a must.
    $10.45 - $149.95
    RDX 100-Character Industrial Steel Stamp Sets
    Set has 100 stamps plus 12 blanks with black oxide finish, specifically the following:* Three of letters A, I, L, N, O, R, S, U; numerals 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0* Two of letters B, C, D, F, G, H, J, K, M, P, T, W, X; slash (/); and dash (--)* Four of letter E; numerals 1, 2, 4; and period (.)* One each…
    $169.00 - $189.00
    For geometric die heads. High speed steel, regular style. Chamfer angles, 33 degrees for regular; 10-degree cutting edge grind.
    RDX High Speed Ground Round Tool Bits
    RDX Transfer Punch Sets
    For toolmakers, machinists and tool cribs. Made of the finest tool steel, heat treated and tempered, with black oxide finish. Set includes indexed stand. All punches are .0025-inch diameter.
    $14.50 - $49.00
    General Tools Drill Gages
    …accurately identify drill bit sizes. They also are extremely useful with older, unmarked bits or ones too small for markings. Each heat treated, heavy steel gage is machined to close tolerances for spot-on accuracy. Hole sizes and decimal equivalents permanently etched in face to provide years of…
    $12.70 - $13.05
    Irwin Locking C-Clamp Tools
    …greater versatility in clamping a variety of shapes* Turn screw to adjust pressure and fit work. Stays adjusted for repetitive use* Constructed of high grade heat-treated alloy steel for maximum toughness and durability* Guarded release trigger quickly unlocks and protects from accidental release
    $12.15 - $37.40
    Eklind Loop Style Inch Hex T-Keys
    …handle construction for extra strength. Choose from 9-inch cushion grip for extra comfort or 6-inch standard grip for a more economical option. Keys made from 8650 chrome nickel alloy steel, hardened, tempered and finished to resist rust. Cushion grip tool handles are color coded red for inch sizes.
    $1.35 - $9.50
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