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    RDX 6
    Micro fine black graduations on a satin chrome finish. All measuring faces ground and lapped.
    item # 1266-0245
    RDX Long Jaw Vernier Caliper
    * Vernier scales of 1/1,000 and 1/50 millimeters* Both vernier scales located on one side of the gage for inside and outside measurements; no need to turn the tool over* Made of hardened stainless steel throughout, ground and lapped for accuracy, with chrome finish* Direct reading on inside…
    $21.95 - $199.00
    RDX Radius & Angle Dresser
    …over two pins or inserting gage block* Easily determine inside or outside radius by sliding dowel pin to right for concave and left for convex* Four x 90° graduation in full 360° circle and 6-minute vernier reading* One push/pull knob for radius and angle control and safer, faster operations
    item # 2800-0300
    5-Piece Groove Measuring Caliper Jaw Set
    Complete set of accessory jaws that fits any 6-inch caliper. For measuring grooves and many other uses, including undercuts. Works with dial, vernier and electronic tools, with measuring capacity from 0.200 to 6 inches diameter. Bodies are self-aligning, as they have alignment pin built into each…
    item # 1233-1175
    RDX 6
    Stainless steel. Includes box.
    item # 1266-0235
    RDX Vernier Caliper with Fine Adjustment
    Measures inside and outside (12-inch size also has step measurement). Micro-fine black graduations on satin chrome finish.Raised sliding surfaces prevent defacement and wear of graduations. All measuring faces ground and lapped.
    $17.80 - $25.85
    RDX 6
    Stainless steel. Includes wood box.
    item # 1266-0160
    RDX 150 mm Plastic Metric Vernier Caliper
    Thumb pad for easy adjustment. Inside, outside and depth measurement. Easy to read black graduations on gray finish. High impact resistant plastic.
    item # 1266-0400
    RDX 5C Spin Index Fixture
    Multi-purpose accessory. Index plate has precise ten, 36-hole circle vernier settings to 1 degree. Spindle travel of 2-1/16 inches for easy flute grinding.
    item # 1709-0010
    Mitutoyo Center Line Gages
    Pair of conical probes designed for Digimatic, dial and vernier calipers to quickly measure center line distances. Distance is read directly off the caliper without a conversion factor.
    $64.90 - $71.50
    RDX Dual Dial Caliper
    Four-way measurement: outside, inside, depth and step. Adjustable non-glare dial indicates both inch and metric; vernier also reads in both scales. Hardened stainless steel surface with satin chrome finish. Includes fitted plastic case.
    $33.25 - $72.00
    RDX 0-12
    Inside, outside, depth and step. Vernier reads every 10 millimeters. Thumb roller for easy movement. LCD display. One silver oxide SR44 battery included. Working temperature of 41 to 140 degrees F.
    item # 1266-0252
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